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When I was fifteen years old, I was helping a neighbor at the bar of a bar at the main festival in my town and as this world of hospitality started to like me, I looked for a job in a restaurant in the area.

So my first employment contract was in the year 87 at the Can Amat Paradis restaurant, I started as a banquet cellar and waiter.

This restaurant belonged to one of the most important restaurant groups in Barcelona, they gave me the opportunity to train and I did two sommelier courses at the Spanish school of sommeliers in the 90s and 91s, the first and second class of the school in this group of restaurants ended up as director of operations until 2001.

In 2002 I had the opportunity to change to another Italian catering company running two restaurants, it was an important decision in my life since I was in the Paradis group for many years.


In 2004 I started working as a salesperson for an Italian products company until 2005

In mid-2005, I started working at the Louzado distributions wine and spirits distributor until June 2013.


Since then I have been working in the distributor that you already know Vincelona sl.

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Ramón Do Casar Nobre 2017
  • €26,00
Bestué Finca Santa Sabina 2016
  • €13,50
Marry Godello 2019
  • €12,80
Mosset Brut Nature 2014
  • €17,65
Cross of the Banner 2014
  • €78,00
Bestué Finca Rableros Crianza 2016
  • €8,00
Angels of Amaren 2015
  • €19,60
Tebaida 2015
  • €27,23