They start from a conviction, only with the best grapes can the best wines be made, hence their obsession with the vineyard.o.

In the heart of Rioja Alavesa, here are our vineyards, sheltered by the Sierra Cantabria. Without a doubt, one of the best wine regions in the world. The plots, mostly small in size and of advanced age, are characterized by being located in soils of calcareous clay origin of low fertility, mostly on slopes and terraces, with an ideal microclimate and an orientation that make them unique.


Effort, tenacity, passion for things well done and a clear vineyard-oriented philosophy. There are four generations that have written the history of the family, the Luis Cañas Family.”.

For more than a century, the family has been making and selling traditional young wines by the carbonic maceration method of whole bunches.. 



In 1928 the founder, Luis Cañas, was born. A man of perfectionist character, worker like few others and whose motivation was always the pride of achieving the best quality in his vineyards and with which he made his wines in bulk.
It is in 1970 when Luis Cañas comes out on the market selling bottled harvester wines which until then were sold in bulk. This same year and not far from the Cueva de los Curas, they created the winery that bears the name of Luis Cañas.
1989 marks a new milestone in the future of the winery, when Juan Luis Cañas, son of Luis Cañas, took the reins of it. At 33 years old, he brings new air to the winery, inherits his father's passion for the countryside and his love for his land, which he considers a unique treasure. His desire to improve and continue learning means that he does not settle for making very good young wines, but also opts for ciranzas.