In 1989 Don Javier Cremades de Adaro bought it, who decided to plant a vineyard, transform the palace into the current POSADA and build the winery, beginning a new era that reaches our days.

They are betting on a traditional oenology, focused on their vineyards and terroirs, looking for the differential of each plot and reconverting the vineyard to organic.They defend the autochthonous.

They have incorporated traditional aging in centuries-old clay jars in many of their elaborations.


The lands where PRADOREY was founded were originally owned by Isabel la Católica, who gave it the illustrious name of Real Sitio de Ventosilla.Later, King Felipe III enjoyed this privileged place where he had a favorite place for hunting: El PRADO DEL REY.

It was on this estate where Rubens and Lope de Vega displayed all their art and talent before the kings of Castile and Spain.


At PRADOREY we have the largest wine-growing area in the Ribera del Duero, 520 hectares of our own vineyards that allow us to control and guarantee the quality of our wines year after year. The vineyard is made up of 8 well differentiated areas, depending on their altitude, orientation and soil: Hoyo Dornajo, La Mina, Prado del Rey, Salgüero, El Pino, Los Robles, Valdelayegua and La Recorba. In turn, in each vineyard an exhaustive care is carried out on the different varieties and clones of grapes planted in each one, mainly Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. For these plantations, strains over 100 years old were selected from different areas of the Ribera del Duero, recovering some unique and pre-phylloxera varieties, such as, for example, the Elite clone.

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