Soutomaior is by far the smallest sub-area of the Rías Baixas appellation of origin.In Rías Baixas, according to the relief, there are two types of subzones;Salnés, Ulla and Rosal plain relief and Condado and Soutomaior mountainous relief.r). Soutomaior, unlike Condado, has a very marked Atlantic character, as it is located at the end of the Ría de Vigo.



 Simón and Noelia, winegrowers, partners, husband and wife.

It all started when they set themselves the challenge of making an Albariño that would return to Soutomaior, the consideration and fame that its Albariños always had, for many the best in the world.







To make a wine that authentically represents Albariño

de Soutomiaor needed to harvest extremely high quality grapes.

They must have a model plantation.They sought help, advice from the best accessible specialists.Today, Pablo Estévez is a fundamental figure in the advancement of the project.     


 Noelia Bebelia Singular represents one of the most unique methods that exist in winemaking.

We carry out the last stage of fermentation and continue the entire aging process in 16-liter glass carafes. All filtering, transferring and bottling processes are carried out by gravity. Wine is not subjected to any mechanical process during its production and represents our most extreme example of a minimalist, non-interventionist philosophy.