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Well I'm the geek to blame for this whole mess!

My name is Amador Marín and I am a sommelier. I made my hobby, my dream, a profession. I am the one who works on what he likes and wakes up every morning with enthusiasm.

The hospitality industry bounced into my life, very young, only 18 years old. And there I stayed, I fell in love with the guild and with the people.

Little by little I wanted to learn more and started studying. First I became a bartender, then I graduated from the Chamber of Commerce Chamber Master, Madrid, and finally, I ended up studying the Sommelier Master, which was what I liked the most.a.

From the age of 21 I already knew what I wanted to do; and as soon as I finished my master I went to live in Rioja, where in a single year, I learned more than in my entire life.

The rest of my professional career moved here to Barcelona, where I started at Albert Adría's Tickets Bar, and ended up being the Head Sommelier of his entire group of restaurants, both in Barcelona and outside of it.

And that led me here, after 3 years working with the biggest gastronomy companies, I needed to learn the last remaining sector of wine, distribution. And the philosophy of Francesc Director of the company, I fell in love.ó.

I also dedicate myself to teaching Sommelier classes and representing one of the wineries on this website, Sabaté I Coca, as Brand Ambassador, who together with Marcel, I learn more every day about the elaboration of this world that I am so passionate about.

My wine recommendation is something unique, I look for character and personality in wines. I look for stories that are transmitted through taste and smell.

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Ramón Do Casar Nobre 2017
  • €26,00
Josep Coca Brut Nature 2013
  • €23,20
Marry of Burbia 2016
  • €12,70
Terrícola blanc 2016
  • €15,50
Noelia Bebelia Preguiceiro 2018
  • €25,95
Luis Cañas Family Reserve 2014
  • €24,90
Angels of Amaren 2015
  • €19,60
Castellroig So Serè 2017
  • €16,70
Sabaté i Coca Family Reserve 2011
  • €40,15
Tebaida Nº5
  • €60,10