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Commercial - Sommelier

After a whole work life full of stress and doing things that did not fill me up, I decided from the age of 40 that my life had to change.

And it was when I got into one of the worlds that I enjoyed the most, gastronomy.

It was clear to me that my last professional stage had to be in something that I really enjoyed and filled with.

In addition to being a salesperson and sommelier in Vincelona, I have a restaurant consultancy, where I teach and learn more about this incredible world every day.

And I put it into practice a bit in my own place, Café Tropical in Sant Cugat.

10 products found in Clemente Abad

Ramón Do Casar Nobre 2017
  • €26,00
Marry Godello 2019
  • €12,80
Ramón Do Casar Treixadura 2019
  • €14,16
Sabaté and Coca Terroja 2015
  • €31,30
Sabaté i Coca Family Reserve 2011
  • €40,15
Payment of Cirsus Chardonnay 2018
  • €9,99
Terrícola blanc 2016
  • €15,50
Shoulders 2015
  • €19,10
Amaren 60 Reserva Tempranillo 2010
  • €38,00
Angels of Amaren 2015
  • €19,60