They have maintained their passion for the land and wine through four generations of winegrowers, giving their own personality to unique wines, born, made and raised in this historic wine-growing area.



 This story begins more than 135 years ago when Marcel Sabaté's great-grandfather, owner and winemaker, planted Terroja: a Xarello vineyard in a unique setting that has produced our most special





This area is located in the Alto Penedés region, 50 km south of Barcelona and offers a privileged geographical location, with marine traces, of high viticultural value and rich landscapes.


The Sabate i Coca family farm is a mosaic of vineyards on terraces in the Bitlles River Valley, in the heart of Penedés, a historic territory of great sparkling wines..





 Marcel Sabaté's sensitivity comes from knowing the origin and history of all this territory, types of soils, who and how they were planted, the Mediterranean climate, traditional varieties, etc. This prompted him to carry out a study of our soils.. 

Sabaté I Coca has been one of the founding wineries of CORPINNAT: a brand created to give prestige to the great sparkling wines that are born and grow in the heart of Penedés in an integral way and on the property, from the vineyard to the bottle.

Nascut to Cor del Penedés

CORPINNAT has created the strictest sparkling winemaking regulations in the world, which fully fits with our consciousness of terroir.