A purely family winery, winegrowers to the core andwinemakers of vines. The origin of Casar deBurbia It is due to Nemesio Fernández Bruña, the father and first generation of the winery.




Marry fromBurbia can boast of a shared heritagein 52 plots that add up to a total of 27 hectares. In 1998our first bottled vintage with his seal was born. Since then, throughout each vegetative cycle we have wanted to learn and evolve. 






In 1989, he decided to make his dream come true and beganacquire old vineyards in El Bierzo. Obsessed by altitude and freshness, his bet focuses on the search for mountain plots, an area that at that time everyone abandoned due to the high cost of production of the grape and the low sale price of the same..




Vineyards and landscapes





LOWER ZONES: the average altitude is around 565 m.a.s.l. The most characteristic of this part of the vineyard is the greater presence of clays due to their accumulation at the bottom of the slope, that is, in the lower parts of the valley.







MIDDLE ZONES: At 600 meters of altitude, the soils here are dominated by clays and medium-sized stones. It is significant that here, in the middle zones, the grapes ripen between 20 and 25 days later than in the lower zones, and this despite the fact that the difference in altitude is not so marked. This extension in time allows us to access a slow and constant maturation with all the benefits derived from there.









HIGH ZONES: They are the most valued vineyards of the Bierzo Designation of Origin. The high areas in Bierzo are known as tebaidas, a name that we also use to identify the wines that come from these vineyards. These thebaids are made up of large stones. Slates and quartz make up the oldest floors inValtuille and they showcase longer and mineral wines. The harvest of these plots is usually delayed about 40 days with respect to the lower areas of the valley.