The more than 2,150 hectares of the Cuatro Rayas winery are meticulously controlled by the technical department throughout their vegetative cycle, in order to obtain the highest quality at harvest time. They are mainly of the Verdejo variety, but also Sauvignon Blanc, Viura, Palomino Fino and Tempranillo.




Its history dates back to 1935, 80 years of history and effort have made Cuatro Rayas today the reference winery for Spanish white wines. Today Cuatro Rayas produces almost 20 of the bottled wine of the Rueda Denomination of Origin, which makes us the largest in the appellation, with an annual production level of about 15 million bottles. The wines, mainly of the Verdejo variety, are leaders in the consumption of white wines in Spain and, in addition, they have a great influence on foreign markets, being present in more than fifty countries such as Japan, China, the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Holland or Mexico..





Among those 2,150 hectares, the winery has a small part of centenary vineyards planted in glass or low stem and, to a large extent, pre-phylloxera. This area, with a lower production level, is harvested manually.nte.


Three generations of oenologists for a varied range of wines

The Cuatro Rayas winery has an oenology department that includes three wine-making lovers who belong to three generations and who are the best example of collaboration between professionals, but above all lovers of quality wines. Ángel Calleja, who brings together forty vintages making wine in the Rueda Denomination of Origin, Elena M. Oyagüe, who adds twenty years of work and dedication to the winery, and Roberto L. Tello, who with barely five years behind him already It has shown that the new generations arrive stomping.