Video Ramón Do Casar

Our story begins around the waters of the Miño. Ribeiro, famous wine country since the late Middle Ages, in the crown of León and Castilla.

Where in the forties and fifties, after thepostwar, many of the young people in the area had to emigrate since it was their only way out, crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

This is the context of Ramón González, the future founder of the Prado Do Miño winery. Who goes to Venezuela in 1955.

Ramón over the years achieves his goals in this new country, gets married, has children and acquires his plots little by little in his dream land.

Hence the great dream of the Ramón Do Casar winery was born at the hands of his three children, who from Venezuela, began to build their father's dream.

The main grape produced in the winery is the Treixadura, the queen of grapes in this Galician wine region, and the main symbol of Ribeiro.

Ramón Do Casar, helped the Denomination to raise again the importance of this variety, so forgotten.


With its elaborations, it has garnered, in its recent history, excellent local, regional, national and international awards.

Becoming a reference winery throughout Galicia.