The objective of the Pago de Cirsus Winery is to make a wine protected by the highest level of demand for the Pago de Vino Denomination of Origin, that is, the terrain, microclimate and varieties that are grown here give the wines a differential character from the rest of the wines of the area. All Pago de Cirsus wines are made with grapes from the estate owned and the entire production and bottling process takes place on the estate itself. In order to achieve this objective, we have modern and functional facilities that allow us to respect the qualities of the raw material to the maximum.a.



With 220 total hectares, the farm is made up of 136.7 hectares of vineyards, planted in the year 2,000. The surface is distributed among the following varieties:
Muscat Grain Petite
Carbenet Sauvignon

The farm is located in the southern limit of the province of Navarra, in the central area of the Ebro valley, which gives it very particular climatic conditions. It can be considered an extreme CONTINENTAL type climate, with very cold winters and very long and dry summers.

Each of the decisions taken, from the very choice of the land for the vineyard planting, selection of varieties, timing of the harvest, production method and aging, have been giving character and personality to our wines, which has earned us the national and international recognition as the best paid wines in Spain.

Spanish Wine Classification System