Taste Profile

Taste Profile:

  • Entry: occurs in the first 2-3 seconds after the wine enters the mouth, usually with sweet flavors.

  • Mouthfeel: lasts between 5-12 seconds and is characterized by a decrease in sweet flavors and the beginning of an increase in acids, followed by bitterness.

  • Finish: lasts about 5 seconds and is dominated by acidic flavors and to a greater extent by bitter flavors.

  • Aftertaste: there is an important part after the wine disappears from the mouth, related to persistence or length. Depending on the persistence, wines are classified as long or short.

  • Retronasal route: Occurs when swallowing the wine, creating a pressure in the mouth that expels air through the retronasal route. Aromas are better perceived because the wine is warmer in the mouth than in the glass, aiding in better evaporation of aromas.