La Terrilogía is a collection of 3 wines created by the Vincelona team and the winemaker and winemaker Alfredo Arribas.

Without a doubt, a project of our own, in which we put all our knowledge and express our passion for wine.

With this collection we cover two of the most important Denominations of Origin in Catalonia, Priorat and Montsant.

The idea of the project was to make wines with a greater presence of fresh fruit, something that we missed in these areas.

And for this we put ourselves in the hands of one of the best winemakers in this country, Alfredo Arribas. An expert in wines of little intervention, in the natural style.

And so the Terrilogy was born.



The entire Vincelona team are sommeliers.

We chose the strains we wanted to use, the varieties, the Coupage and the way of production.

Alfredo was guiding and advising us on the elaboration.

In each wine we look for and tell a different story.

Without a doubt 3 wines that you will have to try.