¿What is Foranell?

At an altitude of 320 meters with the Mediterranean Sea in the background, the breeze from the sea "El Foranell" bathes the vineyards, providing the salty touches that, together with the particular minerality of the sandy terrain, synergize with an authentic and genuine flavor, giving rise to a wine of excellence, quality and its own personality.


Located in Tiana, 320m above sea level and forming part of the Sierra de Marina is the Quim Batlle Winery, a 3-hectare estate called the SENTIU. Just 15 km from Barcelona, they are the DO Alella winery closest to the city.


La Bodega de Quim Batlle is a personal project of family heritage that was born in 1999, the result of effort and experience in the cultivation of the vine.
Passion for the world of viticulture makes us pioneers in organic farming within our DO The soul and essence of this project stems from respect for the natural processes of the environment and the territory. Since 2003 we have the CCPAE ecological certification.
In this winery everything has a symbolism and a history like the name of the wines.